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About Slättäng
Slättäng is a country estate with about 800 hectares in Scania, the southernmost province of Sweden. Just a few kilometers north of the old city of Lund, Slättäng resides in a proud and beautiful countryside that still bears the marks of a long Danish rule. The province of Scania holds the best farming land in Sweden. Slättäng is owned and managed by Jacob Bennet, the fourth generation Bennet at Slättäng.

Jacob Bennet. Portrattfoto framfor Slattang
Jacob Bennet has been running Slättäng since 2002.

In English, Slättäng is pronounced something like ”slet-eng”. In Swedish, ”slätt” means plain (as in wide open landscape) and ”äng” means meadow. Hence, the name ”Slättäng” literally means Meadow of the plain.

Business Areas
Slättäng’s main business areas are agriculture (cultivating primarily wheat, barley, rye, rapeseed and sugarbeets), energy production (wind energy, straw heating and biofuel) and real estate. Since 2002, Slättäng is developing woodland in Latvia.

Also, Slättäng is offering:
• Storage and office rental space for small companies.
• Rent-a-hunt, both small and large game, for individuals or organizations.
• Attractive countryside house letting to individuals.

Rapeseed in bloom in Scania
View of the typical Scanian landscape around Slättäng in early summer.

Get in Contact
Please do not hesitate to contact Jacob Bennet for more information:
+46 (0)70 823 90 00 (mobile phone)
+46 (0)46 24 93 71 (office landline)

Post Address
Jacob Bennet
SE-241 92 Eslöv

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